Why This Profit Learning Portal Is Important?

My name is Kelly Clifford and I’m a Profit Specialist for Small Business.

I’ve created this really easy to use portal toolkit that is really full of valuable content and tools to help small business owners get up to speed on the seven key finance areas that must be understood to avoid making many of the common finance mistakes made in business. Understanding these areas is vital for building a profitable, successful and enduring business.

The problem is that many small business owners lack time and are scared of the numbers so therefore tend to avoid this area by taking an ostrich mentality with their head in the sand, which if left too long could prove fatal for the business as a whole. They are also sometimes reluctant to admit that they “don’t know” enough about their numbers so don’t necessarily have the confidence to attend live workshops for fear of being judged by others for this perceived shortcoming.

I’m a fully qualified accountant with over 15 years experience and from interacting and working with 100s of small business owners, I have a real awareness of some of the struggles that many face when it comes managing the finance side of their business which I have alluded to in my best-selling book Profit Rocket.

The reality is that over 80% of businesses ultimately fail. In the majority of these failing businesses, the reason is that they just don’t understand their numbers and what influences their ability to generate profit. Many of these failures are completely avoidable though.